This Privacy Policy applies to all the services rendered by PropZone Gandhinagar. This policy statement refers to the procedure adopted by PropZone Gandhinagar in handling all forms of information and fulfills all the requirements of the Privacy Act. For further inquiries pertaining to this subject, PropZone Gandhinagar requests to contact our Privacy at the following address A-224 Swagat Rainforest-2, Urjanagar 1, Kudasan, Gujarat 382421. or you could e-mail us at

The main real personal information – Uses

PropZone Gandhinagar will always ensure that the information is used with user consent. The following are the special circumstances under which personal information may be used or disclosed – required by the law, protecting the rights, property or personal safety of another PropZone Gandhinagar.

Website Users

Data security is an issue that we at PropZone Gandhinagar take up very seriously. We maintain high standards and treat the information disclosed on our website with extreme security measures. We use cookies to help us determine which service and support information is appropriate to your computer and to facilitate your use of our instant transactions area. This technology does not mean that additional information about you will be collected by default. The only ability that we have is to figure out the type of computer that you are using, but beyond that, with cookies, we can’t do anything else. We endeavor to always make sure you have a better experience while using our website. Kindly note that will be agreeing or accepting the cookies that you are no way giving us any access to your personal information. We assure you that you do not have to be concerned about the cookies option and be rest assured that cookies have been designed for a better user interface with the website. PropZone Gandhinagar respects the privacy of its members and ensures the privacy of their personal information.

Access to information

If you wish to access any kind of information about yourself that we have used on our website, please feel free to call us at our number +91 090338 10109. We assure you that the entire data that we have gathered concerning you will be shown to you in a file and a maximum of 30 days will be taken for detailed information. For access to this information, we are very strict on confirming your identity before disclosing anything. This is mainly done to maintain high-security standards.

For queries

In case of any discrepancies that you might encounter especially in terms of privacy practices, PropZone Gandhinagar shall take distinct interest to cater to your requirements. We will address these issues immediately. For any kind of queries with regard to the functioning of this website and the privacy policy that it follows, please free to call us at our number +91 090338 10109 or e-mail us at